Saturday, May 16, 2009


Today was The Girl's gymnastics awards ceremony. She, along with everyone on her team, received a certificate and trophy for being part of the team. They had other awards as well, but The Girl told me from the start that she "might not get any awards, Mom." I didn't care. I was proud of her; she had a really good season.

The first award they gave was for the most improved gymnast. The Girl scored pretty consistently throughout the season, so I didn't expect her to win that. The next award was for the gymnast who most embodies the team...the most compassionate and such. I *did* expect The Girl to get this award because I am often told how compassionate she is and how she is always there to cheer others on. She did not receive the award. The last award was for the MVG - most valuable gymnast. This award is given to the gymnast whose personal scores are most often included in the team score. The Girl won this trophy! The coach said it was a three-way tie, actually, but since The Girl had the highest overall score, she won the trophy. She was so excited, and we were so proud!

The last thing they did was the "Beam Queen" competition. This competition is for all levels of artistic gymnasts, and there is one finalist from each level. The girl with the highest beam score is the beam queen. The Girl was the finalist for level 3, and she received a pink rose; however, she did not win the tiara. That went to a good friend of hers, so she was very happy about that.

Overall, it was a great day. We capped it off by going out to dinner with my parents, who are in town visiting. Both kids nearly died when we allowed them to order dessert after dinner!


  1. Congratulations! I always enjoy the end of the season awards. There is so much more to competitive sports than the actual competition. It is nice to see the kids get acknowledged for their hard work.

  2. Tell your Girl that my girl is proud of her. We have our end of the year banquet on the 30th at a restaurant here in town. Don't know what that will be like but we'll see.
    Good work!!

  3. Both mine are in gymnastics. Daughter is loving it and son is convinced he doesn't want a trophy. It's never easy with two opposites. Congrats!


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