Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Counting down

I love a good countdown, especially when there are fun things to count down...going on vacation, an approaching birthday or anniversary, a surprise for a get the idea. Right now, I'm counting down to the end of The Big Move. The fun part of that is all the mini-countdowns that come along with it.

The first countdown is the number of school days left. We have 9, unless you count exam days, in which case we have 14. I'm going with 9 because that is how many "instructional days" we have!

The next countdown is the number of days I have to work before the end of school. That number is 15 or 16, depending on how you count. Either way, it's good.

I can't count down baseball games because we're in the playoffs now, so it's anyone's guess. The Boy's team entered the playoffs in 2nd place. The Girl has one more gymnastics performance, and it's totally for fun.

To the best of my knowledge, we have one more birthday party.

We have a few more weekends and, if all goes according to schedule, we'll be HOME in only 24 days. That's the most exciting number in the entire countdown!


  1. It is fun to mark those days off on a calendar isn't it? Are the kids just as excited?

  2. Ohhh today is my kiddos last day!!!


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