Monday, May 4, 2009

Rainbows and Uggs

As the school year is slowly coming to an end, I am reminded of how trendy high schools are. Through the past few years, I learned that a young lady in high school needs only two pair of shoes: Rainbows and Uggs. If you are not already familiar with these two shoes, get comfy and I'll explain (with pictures).

Rainbows are flip-flops; however, they're not just any flip-flops, and you can't have just any type. You have to have the Rainbow Leathers. Also, it is important to know Rainbows are not just for the ladies; many of the gents sport Rainbows as well. At the top of The Girl's holiday list this past year was the coveted Rainbows. At $50 a pair, it's easy to see why I didn't run right out and get them for her! Luckily for her, her grandmother did!

I did try on The Girl's Rainbows after another mother told me she loved them. They are really comfy. I have since caved and purchased my own. The Boy wants them as well. None of us has the double stack ones, but the regular ones are plenty comfy.

The students wear their Rainbows nearly every day during the spring and fall. They even wear them in the winter, as long as it is not TOO cold. When it is too cold, they wear their Uggs. The Uggs are far more popular among the ladies than the gents; I am not certain I've ever seen a young man sporting Uggs.

Recently, I was in another part of the country and, while I noticed the prevalence of flip-flops, I also noticed the shoes of choice were not Rainbows. I began to wonder if this is not a local thing...
What seem to be the shoes of choice in your area?


  1. I live in So. Cal and Rainbows are everywhere, worn by everyone. Actually, the Rainbow factory is located in Orange County.
    I have several pair of Rainbows. They are so comfortable and I wear mine all the time.

  2. Here in central OH everyone has been wearing flip flops. I love the Reef brand ones, but can't wear flip flops to work so just on weekends for me ;) In the winter, the Uggs were very popular. I've never heard of Rainbows!

  3. Funny story... I had my Golden Retriever with me at an arts and crafts festival, lots of doggies. He loves it. He was pulling at his leash to get at a doggie for a full sniffing. I looked up to see what was so interesting about this particular dogs. It was a lady's uggs! OMG. I was hysterical with laughter. And then had to educate my dog on what is and is not a canine. :O)

  4. If I could afford those (since my puppy likes shoes currently) I would go for it but until then we live with our under $5 flip flops in every color possible from Old Navy :)

  5. I have two pair of Rainbows, I love them. My first pair was my "push present" from my mom, so they are almosts 2 years old and going just as strong as my almost 2 year old son! I just bought a pink pair about a month ago while I was back in NC.

    Now that I'm in PA, I don't see them at all. But I have been wearing mine for a few weeks now. Once it's nice enough out (and even when it's not) it's all I'll wear if I can get away with it.

    In conclusion, I love my Rainbows, they are so worth the investment. I have never owned a pair of Uggs though.

  6. Never heard of Rainbows. Uggs are EVERYWHERE! But the most popular in Seattle seems to be, water shoes, long as it has that goofy looking rubber toe thingy.


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