Sunday, June 14, 2009

Phases 4 and 5

Well, we're here!! Phase 4 went well enough and we're in the midst of phase 5, which includes settling in.

We got here Friday afternoon and started unpacking. We did a lot of that today as well. The Husband has been here for several weeks, but there is still a lot to do and, of course, I had to put "my stamp" on the house, which is not too hard since we lived here before! At this point, the kitchen is pretty much finished. To be honest, a lot of stuff is finished because The Husband did such an amazing job. The office is going to be a biggie. It used to be the formal living room, but since we don't need it for that, it is going to be our office. That means the old office will now be a spare bedroom, which is what it was intended to be in the beginning!

For the most part, the people who rented our home seem nice; however, we keep finding things they did that are, well, just plain stupid. The first thing they did was put in a fence (with our permission). They cemented the posts, though, and one of the posts is where the phone or cable cord is (we're not sure which yet as neither utility has been here to hook-up yet). Apparently, the man who lived here dug the hole, SAW the cable/cord, and poured cement around it anyway! NOT the sharpest knife in the drawer! There have been a lot of little things like that and they're making us pretty angry since we already returned their security deposit (remember...our realtor quit on us!)

The best part about being here in this house, though, is that this evening, while I was cleaning the kitchen, I was able to look outside in the back yard and see a deer and a whole bunch of wild rabbits. Of course, I did not have my camera handy, but that happens. I'm sure I'll see them again and next time I'll be ready!


  1. So glad you made it back home. Hope the kids are happy to be back as well - that can be tricky.

  2. Have you checked out


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