Friday, June 19, 2009

So far today...

...we have

*called the exterminator for those annoying black beetles and some termite/ant looking things.

*called the appliance repairman for the dishwasher that suddenly stopped working (although it worked perfectly well the day before yesterday...)

*run errands

The good:

*The exterminator said the beetles are harmless but annoying and the flying things were ants, not termites.

*We brought two coupons to Lowe's and ended up saving more than we anticipated because we used the 10% coupon instead of the $10 coupon.

*We used $20 worth of rewards from Best Buy and The Husband got a new set of earphones for a mere $5 and change!

*The Girl, who, while doing a round-off back-handspring landed on her shoulder and hurt it, is feeling much better today and will be going to the gym tonight.

I'll have to update on the dishwasher later as the repairman won't be here till later today!

PS - Happy Birthday to my middle brother.


Updated to add: The dishwasher repairman never showed up; however, the dishwasher is miraculously working again!


  1. Sounds like a busy day! Happy Birthday to your brother! :)

  2. Fun, fun.
    Those shoulder landings can hurt. Tell her it works better on her feet. ;)
    Enjoy your weekend.


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