Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another great Red-Neck moment

Yesterday, my MIL and her husband came to visit. The Husband had noticed there was a gun show in town, so that is where we went.

I should mention here that I'd never been to a gun show. My parents are not gun people and I know for a fact that my father has never even held a gun, much less shot one.

So, after a nice breakfast together, we headed out to the show. It was small - one large room. And, it was hot. VERY hot. They did what they could to get air flow; there were fans all over and open doors, too. Still, it was hot.

I walked around with my MIL and The Girl. I have to say, it was kind of neat. I wish it had been bigger; my MIL told me they often have things other than guns and such. I had envisioned more of a flea-market type of place. I love flea-markets, so I can totally see us going to more shows.

We did buy one thing. We have air soft guns and a cool dart-board target in the garage. Unfortunately, The Girl's hands are too small and she never gets to play. We bought her an air-soft gun of her very own so we can all play together.


HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to my dad, who never reads this (but my mom does, so she'll tell him), to my brothers, some of whom read this, and, of course, to The Husband, who is a great father, even if he doesn't always realize it!


  1. B would love that. He's always having air-soft wars with the boys in the neighborhood. G participates every now & then too.
    Glad y'all had fun - Happy Father's Day to all the men in your life.

  2. Re: G's ankle - she says it hurts sometimes but I took her to have it x-rayed and it's fine. Could be growth plate issues but she's really ok. (I think she just likes playing around with the brace actually.)
    Thanks for the concern.

  3. YAY I hope it's a pink gun :)


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