Thursday, August 27, 2009

The lifecycle of the Lumpy

Now that school is back in session, we have a morning routine. It is, for the most part, a good routine, because I managed to make sure there is room in the mornings for each child to have a full-blown temper tantrum if necessary.

Today's tantrum was mild. Today's tantrum centered around the fact that The Girl thought there were "lumpies" in her hair. It's funny how, at different ages, the "lumpies" have different roles. As a toddler, it does not matter if one has "lumpies" or not. Somewhere around age 6 or 7, "lumpies" become synonymous with leprosy and one CANNOT have them, nor can one have anything that might, in certain situations, be misconstrued as a "lumpy" in one's hair. In high school, "lumpies" are WAY cool. The point, at that age, is to spend hours and hours on one's hair, only to make it look like it was quickly done with no thought at all. "Lumpies" are critical to this look. I learned this first, from being in high school oh, so many years ago, and it was reinforced over the past few years when I was teaching at the high school level.

My friend's daughter recently graduated high school. In fact, she is off to college TODAY. (Big hugs out to my dear friend who is having a difficult time with this!) "Lumpies," to this young woman, are a way of life. Her look is the throw-the-hair-up-in-a-ponytail,-but-really-put-no-effort-or-thought-into-it, a la the beach/pool look. It's kinda cute, but my friend does not think so! She is right; it is not appropriate in all situations!

I am a grown woman. I am 40. I put my hair up a lot. "Lumpies?" They TOTALLY live in my hair, but I have curly hair. My hair would look silly without them. I'm like a toddler in that respect!

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  1. I've never really put that much thought into the "lumpies" but you're right. G's in a no-lumpie phase right now as well. This too shall pass. Thanks for the laugh this am.


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