Sunday, August 23, 2009

Some people...

Sometimes, I get so aggravated at people. OK - a lot of times I do, but I try not to voice it so much. Who am I kidding - why do you think I have a blog?!

The Boy and The Girl go to a private school. They have gone to this school since they started Pre-Kindergarten and have been there every year except the couple of years we moved away. We love this school. This year, The Boy started middle school, which is pretty darned exciting. There are 40 students in his grade, which is a lot. One of the new girls had a birthday party today. It's tough when your birthday is at the beginning of the school year, especially when you attend a new school. To the best of my knowledge, this girl invited everyone in the grade to her party.

The Boy and I discussed whether or not he'd attend the party. He doesn't know this girl and wasn't comfortable going to her party. I told him it was up to him; however, I also pointed out that two years ago, when we were new to a school, The Girl had a party to which she invited every girl in her class. Only four showed up. It sucked. The Girl was a good sport about it, but still, it sucked. The Boy decided, after speaking with one of his friends, that he would go to the party.

Guess how many people came to the party? Four. Apparently, four is the magic number. I realize the party was on a Sunday evening and some people go to church, but four classmates?! I was so proud of The Boy and I told him as much. He was pretty happy he went as well; he had a really fun time.

I just wish some people would think about others' feelings some of the time...


  1. Awww. We've had that scenario once also. G's b-day is 11/27 (yep, Thanksgiving time) so we delayed the party til the first weekend in Dec. & still only had a couple of girls show up.
    People just aren't considerate or mannerly anymore. It ticks me off!
    Kuddo's to The Boy!

  2. That's what "RSVP's" are for. I don't know what ever happened to good manners and a little good breeding.
    Glad the boy enjoyed himself, and that you used common sense!


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