Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Firsts of the season

Last weekend was The Boy's first official football game of the season. The team played really well. They did not win, but the score belies the game; the final score was 18-8, but the other team had two break-away plays that resulted in touchdowns. The rest of the game was far more even. The Boy played very well and was able to maintain his starting defensive position. He loves playing middle linebacker! Today's game was cancelled due to excessive rain for the past week!

The Girl had her first competition today (which is why the cancellation of The Boy's game was so good!). It was her very first competition at level 4, and her first competition during the "regular season." Last year, when she competed at level 3, she did so during the "off season" so there were far fewer gymnasts competing. Her scores were as follows:

Vault - 8.850
Bars - 8.100
Beam - 8.700
Floor - 8.200
AA - 33.850

We're super proud of her. My goal (unbeknownst to her) was that she score a 32.000 or better. She was 0.15 pts away from a 34.000! She is very happy and excited about the rest of the competitions, the next of which is next week!


  1. How fantastic! Hope they both do really well next week.

  2. Glad her meet went well. Ours don't start until the end of October - train, train, train until then.
    I miss watching football - hope the next game goes well.
    Have a good week.

  3. My daughter is currently in gymnastics also. No meets yet. Her heart isn't in meets yet. I've tried to introduce her to a former Olympian & committe member I know but still nothing. Perhaps some day but not today.
    Good for her on those scores!


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