Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Wiper Wiper Wiper Blades

Oh, how I wish this was animated. Oh well. Turn off the music below and hit play here! Consider it "mood music" while you read!

A few months ago, The Husband replaced my wiper blades. They were great, but they squeaked something awful. At first, I thought it was because the windshield was not wet enough; however, I soon learned that was NOT the case. The wiper blades simply squeaked.

I was able to get over the whole squeaking thing, but then, recently, my wiper blades would, occasionally, get stuck. I'm guessing one of the blades had come a bit loose or was too long or something (I have those blades that come in together in the middle of the window and open out). Every so often, they'd get stuck, but they'd work themselves out.

This morning, as I was leaving to meet a friend for coffee, the blades got stuck...again. Then, when they unstuck (yes - it totally IS a word...just ask me!), one of the blades bent! I unbent (yes, THAT is a word too. Jeez!) it and went along my merry way...except it got stuck again...and bent again! Man! I realized that I would need new blades right then because the forecast was, once again, calling for rain.

After meeting my friend for coffee, I headed to the parts store. I figured the least I could do is buy the replacement parts, even if I would have to wait for The Husband to put them on. After purchasing them, the wonderful gentleman working at the parts store offered to put them on for me RIGHT THEN! How awesome is that?! So...I let him! It took him all of about five minutes. I told him how I totally could have done that too, but I'd have had to have a video camera handy because if I'd done it, it'd have ended up as one of those hysterical YouTube videos, except I knew I would never get rich off it, so, really, what was the point...ya know?!

So now my mommyvan is sporting some snazzy new wiper blades. And - the best part? They don't squeak!

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  1. Glad you'll be able to see in the rain. I love it when men offer to help us ladies out. Chivalry is still alive & well.
    Have a great weekend.


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