Tuesday, November 3, 2009

WHAT a week!!!

Well, it's been a pretty busy week in our home and I don't see signs of anything slowing, which is unfortunate, but what can ya do?!

I started my new job last Monday, so I've been trying to get organized and settled with that. This week has been better so far, but there is much to learn.

Friday afternoon, The Boy came home upset. His girlfriend told him she no longer wanted to be his girlfriend. That hurt him pretty badly. We talked a lot this weekend (he and I, her parents and us, him and her parents...every combination possible...) and all is well again. They are no longer a couple, but they are still friends, which is what we all wanted to see. We are good friends with her parents, so it'd have been really awkward if they could not get along!

Saturday was busy as well; the kids' school held their annual fall festival and I worked a good part of the morning there. The Boy's football game for the afternoon had been cancelled, which was good, because that left more time to prep for the Halloween festivities. The Girl went trick-or-treating (dressed as a devil) and The Boy stayed home and handed out candy. After we finished trick-or-treating, we went to the neighbor's house for a party.

Sunday morning, it was off to Sunday School, followed by a trip to the mall and a belated birthday luncheon for The Girl. My parents were in town for the weekend, so we had a late celebration.

As I said, a whole lot of busy and no break in the near future. Keeps us on our toes, though!

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  1. Have fun making all of those memories. Sorry to hear about the girlfriend - what does she know anyway! I think The Boy would be a great catch for any girl.


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