Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Two posts in two days! Wow...what's the world coming to?!

Last night, The Boy had a football game. Normally, they play Saturdays but since we had such a rainy October, some of the games were rained out. Not all of them will be able to be made up, but some will, and one was last night.

It was a home game, which was a lot of fun. At first it didn't look good - the other team appeared to be pretty big. But our boys showed them who was boss. The game opened with our boys scoring a touchdown. Shortly thereafter, the other team answered with a touchdown of their own. Maybe that was what the boys needed to egg them on...or maybe it was that one of their bigger players, who had been out with an injury almost all season, was finally back! They proceeded to score twenty more unanswered points! Apparently, that pissed off the other team, because they answered with two touchdowns of their own. We were pretty worried at that point, but our boys were able to stop the other team and hold them off for a 26 - 20 victory; their first this season.

We're very proud of the team. The Boy played really well and had some spectacular tackles.

It's so much more fun to cheer for the winning team!! There is one game left. Maybe we can win again...after all, it is another home game...!


  1. Good for them! Congrats. It's always more fun to win.
    We have a home meet at our gym on Saturday - fun but stressful. I'll let you know how it goes.

  2. That sounds like fun Wendy! WTG Boy! :)

  3. I'm so excited! I can actually leave a comment on your blog now. Got a new computer! The old one never let me...



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