Monday, December 21, 2009

Confessions of a Slacker Blogger

It's true. I'm a big-time slacker of late. I've even said as much in my few and far-between posts! What's up with that?!

It's certainly not from a lack of blog-worthy material. My entire life is blog-worthy (which is pretty pathetic, I must say, but it's *my* life and someone has to live it)!

And it's not just the blogging department in which I'm slacking. It's the holiday season. If you were to come in my house, you wouldn't know it was a festive time of year. I haven't got a single decoration out. Not one. Not a single sign of the holidays except for the Christmas cards hanging on the closet door. Well...and the menorahs that are still out on the dining room table because I'm too lazy to put them away! Normally, I decorate. This year, not so much.

We celebrated Chanukah and, for the first time, I made sure the kids lit the candles on their own menorahs...sort of. They don't actually have their own menorahs. I have three so they each used one of mine. That was nice. We didn't do the eight days of gifts, either, but we haven't done that in years. Once upon a time, when the kids were younger, we gave them presents for eight days, but only because they had Chanukah gifts from eight different people. The Husband and I refuse to buy *that much stuff* for the kids. We decided long ago they'd get one Chanukah gift, and one Christmas gift from us. They also get a small gift from Santa, but we're not sure what to do about that one anymore since they no longer believe he is real.

There will be some minor travel during this break; we will go to The Husband's mother's house for the day on Christmas Eve, but that is all. I'm looking forward to a relaxing two weeks of few obligations.

I'll *try* to be better about posting, but I make no promises!


  1. Just enjoy your break & think about how nice you'll have it when the rest of us are taking down all of our decorations.
    Safe travels.

  2. I've been pretty sucky in the blog & holiday decor area as well. Have a great Christmas!


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