Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Trouble with insurance!

I have the flu...and believe me when I tell you, it sucks. Badly. Really badly. It might not be so bad if The Husband wasn't out of town this week, but he is and so I am left to single parent and do my best not to die. And...to be honest, I'm not sure which is easier!

I woke up sick on Sunday. Ironically, I received a call Sunday evening from The Mother-in-Law telling me my brother-in-law and my nephew both had the flu. She called again last night to check on me and tell me both she and her husband have it as well. Maybe that turkey was tainted!

I stayed home from work yesterday and today. I decided to go ahead and make a doctor's appointment for today to make sure it is just the flu and not h1n1. I also want to be sure I'm doing all I can to make sure The Boy and The Girl stay healthy. I don't want this to develop into anything more serious either.

I called the doctor at 8am to make an appointment. Since it is my first appointment with this doctor, I need a "first-time" appointment. They have one for December 18. Um...that is NOT going to help me! The receptionist says she can get me in today, but not until 4:20pm and I have to be there 30 minutes early.

Remember when I just said that The Husband is not home right now? Who is supposed to get The Girl from school? Who is supposed to get her to the gym at 5pm? Who is supposed to deal with The Boy and his basketball game (he is to be there by 4:30pm)? I was so pissed off. And - the kicker is, when I said this to the receptionist, SHE HUNG UP ON ME!!! WTF?!

And so, I will either NOT go to the doctor or I will go to the ER (which, luckily, my insurance will pay for). Knowing me, I will not go anywhere. I feel great from the shoulders up. It's from the shoulders DOWN that I feel like hell...achy, sore, etc. Mornings are better than evenings and I know I will tough it out and hope no one else ends up sick!



  1. Wish I could help out with the kids - feel better soon!

  2. Sorry you're sick. That is NOT fun. Ironically, I called my doctor yesterday to make an appointment for "sometime this week", just in case this ear thing I was experiencing got worse. Mind you, I was not willing to go yesterday, I wanted the appointment scheduled for the future.

    Wouldn't you know they could see me THAT day? WTF? That doesn't happen when I need them NOW.

    Medical irony is not funny.

    I canceled the appointment.


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