Sunday, January 10, 2010

Back in the gym

The Girl, that is...not me! Don't get me wrong - I'd love to be one of those people who loves to exercise. Well, truth be known, I do enjoy it when I'm finished, but I don't like to sweat, so I don't like to work out. Whatever.

Anyway, we're not talking about me. We're talking about The Girl.

And, we're not talking about a work-out gym. We're talking about a gymnastics gym (which, technically is a work-out gym since the girls do work out there...but, again, whatever!).

Today, The Girl had another competition. She did well; it was her best competition this year. She scored an 8.95 on beam, a 9.15 on floor, an 8.80 on vault, and a 9.20 on bars for an AA of 36.10. She finished in 3rd place.

There is one more competition this year; it is in about a month. I hope to see that she improves even more. It'd make her so happy!


  1. Congrats to The Girl! Sounds like a great meet.
    We're heading to Knoxville next Sunday - wish us luck. She competes at 8am Monday morning - again. Ugh!

  2. That is wonderful Wendy! Tell her one of her Nov. aunts is very proud of her!

  3. I'm so glad it's letting me comment now. Don't know what I was doing wrong but it's fixed now. :)


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