Saturday, January 9, 2010

Oh, the humility!!

I was out shopping not long ago and saw they make Snuggies for dogs. I found that ridiculous because, among other things, I did not come up with the brilliant idea and am not making the millions of dollars the creators are!

Keep in mind, I am not one to dress a dog. I'm all about nekkid animals. I'm pretty sure that is why they still have fur and all.

Just sayin'.

So, when The Girl decided to go out in the snow yesterday afternoon, she was concerned our boxer would be cold. Boxers do get cold pretty quickly...their hair is not so thick. Ours is an indoor dog and is never out on her own. Once The Girl saw her shivering, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

The dog is a patient and kind dog and put up with the humility for as long as she could. Finally, after a full-blown photo shoot, I relieved her. We have pix of her with her hood up and pix in the snow. We are sending them to Doggie for her on the cover!


  1. So funny. Tell her I'm laughing with her, not at her. I'd never laugh at a helpless victim of fashion.;)

  2. Ok, my dog(s) would never pose for pics like yours. So so cute. She looks so cute, but kind of humiliated like "please please... get it over with"! My puppy will deal with the sweatshirts but the other two, oh no. They fight me any time I try to "dress" them and I have to admit, the only time I do it... it's to laugh at them. Not nice, I know. lol.

  3. How cool to have a "cover Girl" in the family!


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