Saturday, January 16, 2010


So, I went to Books-A-Million today and I don't even know why I bothered! Really...I can't stand the place. Every time I go there for something specific, they don't have it. For a while, though, they were the only large bookstore in town. I thought, once they had some competition, they'd become a better store.

Not so much.

So, today, I was on a mission of sorts. I needed to buy a bunch of books and Borders only had one of the first and eight of the second. I was looking for twenty of each. I had hoped to at least be able to get ten of each at each store.

I went into BAM and decided to head toward the Young Adult section...except there isn't one. At least not one named as such. There was a Teen Fiction section, though. I started looking for the books I needed.

While looking down the shelves, I came across some picture books. Hmmm....not what I would call Teen Fiction but whatever. I look up to see there was only one section of Teen Fiction and it was surrounded by Bargain Books and Kids' Books.

I walk to the other side of the shelf. I see a whole line of Teen Fiction. I peruse the authors' names only to learn they are in absolutely NO logical order whatsoever. The books were neither alphabetical by author's last name, nor by title. They may have been alphabetical by author's middle name, but I didn't bother to check into that. Also, in the middle of the Teen Fiction section were a bunch of pregnancy books. That, I assure you, is NOT Teen Fiction, but sadly, Teen Reality!

The entire store was a mess. Books were not neatly shelved and there was just *stuff* everywhere. I walked out of the store, but not without voicing my disgust. A patron on the other side of the bookshelf voiced his agreement and frustration. While we agreed people don't always get a book in its exact "home spot" when reshelving them, it is not usually the mess we saw!

I will not return.


  1. I'm a Barnes & Noble fan myself. Sorry you had such a hard time.

  2. What are these things you call books, and being a mom, please tell me when you get time to read them, because I know I don't!

  3. Nice blog, nice post.. Put a google translate please, so i can read yours with my own language... Tell me if you do.. Thanks, keep blogging!


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