Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Return of Family Fun Day

It's been a significant amount of time since our last Family Fun Day. There is too much to do with The Boy and basketball and The Girl and gymnastics. Luckily, both seasons end this weekend...or is that unlucky since his playoffs coincide with her championship meet?! Regardless, they are both ending, which one would think would free up more time; however that will not be the case.

Baseball try-outs begin on Monday. If The Boy does not make the middle school team, he can still play in the city league. That will mean about a month off before the season begins, but we are really hoping he makes the middle school team.

The Girl is seriously considering moving to Prep-Op in gymnastics. What that means (to us) is more time and more money! LOL! Seriously, though, we spent some time talking it over with her coach and, if The Girl proves to us that it is what she really wants (and can handle), she will make the switch this spring, increasing her time in the gym.

Translation (if you weren't paying attention) is LESS TIME FOR MOMMY!

In the vein of keeping things together, we had a minor Family Fun Day this past Saturday. As usual, Family Fun Day in our home always seems to include some sort of exercise. This is really good for The Husband, but not so much for me! As I've mentioned several times, The Husband is a huge fan of Crossfit. In fact, he is building a Crossfit gym in our garage. (I'm actually expecting a delivery of weights and such today.)

Family Fun Day was spent at the gym. I even managed to take pictures; however, none have been uploaded as of yet! I promise to post them soon. Both The Husband and The Boy had really great workouts. The Girl had an OK workout...she complained a lot of the time. As for me? Well, surprisingly, I worked out too! I did about 4.5K on the rowing machine. It was actually quite enjoyable (but there is no need to share such information with The Husband, lest he make me repeat the exercise!!).

Hopefully, our ridiculously busy schedule will lend itself to more family fun adventures!


  1. Glad y'all had a good family fun day but for me -fun & gym have nothing to do with each other.;)
    Good luck with the baseball & gymnastics - G's competing in the Tiger Paw at Clemson University this Sunday night (yes, at the same time as the Superbowl - who came up with that?) I'll let you know how that goes.

  2. My Diva is a gymnast also, no where near competition level but so close. Most parents with kids in comp level just drop the kids off and come back 2 or 3 hours later but I haven't reserved my self to that just yet. I was looking at fitness equipment the past week but couldn't make up my mind which made more sense for me: treadmill or elliptical. One is significantly more even though it would get more use seen as how I can just go for a walk when the weather is above zero. Ugh ~ I hope it warms up soon ... I have a serious case of couch a@@. sigh.


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