Thursday, April 8, 2010

Foot Surgery

I mentioned yesterday that The Boy had surgery on his feet. He has ingrown toe nails and they are bad. The Husband has them too. Last year, we took him to the doctor to get a referral to a podiatrist. He pretty much blew us off and said The Boy was fine...we just needed to cut his toenails better.

Well, we've cut the nails as well as we could, but they are still a problem. We took him to our new doctor to get a referral. This time, the doctor agreed with The Husband and sent in the referral paperwork. A few days later, we received a call from the podiatrist. The Boy went in to see him on Friday.

The doctor was extremely nice and helpful. He explained why The Boy has ingrown toenails and what measures need to be taken to correct the way he walks and such. In the meantime, he also agreed to cut the toenails and kill off the ends so they would not hurt anymore. (Note: he was not removing the toenails completely; he was just going to cut the sides.) They rushed the referral paperwork through and made some phone calls just to be sure. His surgery was scheduled for Tuesday morning. We were quite impressed with the quick turnaround!

The Boy was understandably nervous about the procedure. The Husband took him back and I waited in the front waiting room. Oh. My. Word. The Boy has some lungs on him! He screamed like a banshee...and that was just for the freezing spray! It got worse when the litocane shots were administered!

It was difficult to hear my child scream like that...but since I knew there was nothing wrong per se, I could handle it. As soon as the shots were finished, the screaming stopped too. I heard no more than casual conversation and - get this...LAUGHTER - after that! The procedure went well and all was finished rather quickly. We brought The Boy home to rest (his class was on a field trip so there wasn't much use in bringing him back to one was there).

Around noon or so The Boy said his toes hurt a little so I gave him some Tylenol. That was all. He did not complain even once after that. In fact, he had a baseball game last night and was able to suit up and put on his cleats! He was all set to play...except for the fact that he was deemed ineligible because he hadn't gone to school (which is a crock because, as I said, no one was there...they'd gone on a field he'd have been in study hall all day).

Anyway, all is well now and he is feeling great.


  1. That's no fun. I've actually had this procedure done on one toe & it is so much better once it's all healed. Glad to hear he's on the mend.


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