Saturday, April 10, 2010

Letting go...

Ever have a post you go over a zillion times in your head, but never write? This is one of those posts.

Most of the time, when I mull over a post too many times, I end up not writing it. Whatever is going on, my mentally posting it is all I need and I'm over it.

Not so much with this one. This one is about a friend. Well, former friend, I guess. The friendship began just over twelve years ago and it was a good one. We met through our husbands who worked together. We had our first babies at the same time. We moved a third of the way across the country together. We survived separate transfers and moves. We ended up in the same place as each other. All those year together and apart, all was well...until the day that suddenly, it wasn't anymore.

It was not my decision to end this friendship. I will never know what my friend's though process was, nor will I ever understand how twelve years of friendship could be thrown away because of what I was told was a misunderstanding. I thought the friendship meant more, and to me, it always did.

Sometimes, letting go is not so easy. Sometimes, it hurts. But I will move on and, hopefully, be the wiser for it.


  1. Sorry to hear. Sometimes people react before finding out all the facts. Maybe one day everything will be laid on the table & discussed. Sending hugs your way.

  2. It happens -- sometimes people throw away 30 years of a friendship because of something really silly! Been there!


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