Saturday, April 17, 2010


We have been SO busy around here! I thought with the spring and school coming to an end, things might slow down a bit. No such luck! Here is our week in review...

Monday night, The Girl had gymnastics and The Boy had baseball practice. Tuesday night, The Boy had a baseball game. It was a home game, so that was good. They won (but I don't remember the score)!! Wednesday night was more gymnastics and baseball practice. Thursday night was another home game but it was a late started at 6 pm. My Mother-In-Law came down Thursday afternoon as well because we really needed some help with Friday. Luckily, she was free and she got to come see The Boy's game. Unfortunately, they did not win that game, but The Boy did well. He played 2nd base some and also hit a double. It was not a conference game, so they did not honor the 2 hr time limit. The game ended sometime around 8:30...and we still hadn't eaten dinner! We came home, ate quickly, bathed the kids and everyone went to bed! Friday The Boy had another game, but this was an away game. The Girl also had gymnastics. My Mother-In-Law took The Girl to gymnastics and then went home. I left work and went straight to The Boy's game...and got there right as it was about to start. The Husband took care of picking up The Girl from the gym. The Boy played well again and although both hits were outs, he walked twice too.

Today, we have run errands and are doing yard work. We are going to the neighbor's for a cookout this evening, which will be fun.

There is some REALLY exciting stuff in the works here and I'll let you guys in on it soon. In the meantime, enjoy your weekend. Hope your weather is as beautiful as ours!


  1. Hey, that sounds like our week (minus the MIL part). Enjoy - our days are numbered & we'll wonder where they went.

  2. Ummm ... I need to sit down and rest after this post ~ whew!


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