Thursday, June 10, 2010

Facebook High

I graduated from high school 24 years ago. (Damn, that's a long time!) The best part about graduating from high school is that I'm not in high school anymore. I know...seems redundant to say, but it is true.

OK - fine. I *do* work in a high school. I get it. It's not the same, so hush! This is MY story, not yours!

This morning, I was reading a post from Hot Tub Lizzie and I was reminded of something I wanted to post.

Facebook is NOT high school, and yet, for so many people, it is. Why? What's up with that? Why is there still this ridiculous need to put others down or "unfriend" people or, even more bizarrely, delete comments people make?

Situation 1:
A girl who went to my elementary school sent me a friend request. It is important to know that I did NOT seek her out in any way. She "friended" me. I remembered her fondly and accepted the request. It is also important to note I do not accept requests from EVERYONE...only those with whom I am interested in reconnecting or catching up. I accept requests from friends with whom I've lost touch. Anyway, as I said, I accepted a request from *Jane* and that was that. I remember writing something on her wall, and, if memory serves, she replied. I think her daughter is involved in gymnastics. So is The Girl. I think I commented on that. A mutual friend had said she heard *Jane's* husband had passed away a few years before. I did not know any of this. All the same, I sent *Jane* a note in her inbox asking how things were and giving the brief reader's digest of my life; I never heard back. A month or two later, I could not remember if I had, in fact, sent the message or if I'd just thought about it. I sent another, more brief note. Again, I heard nothing. I went to check on something and realized she had "unfriended" me. WTH?

Situation 2:
I am Facebook friends with a girl from high school. I don't remember who "friended" whom, but it's been a while. She had pix posted and I looked at them. She and her high school sweetheart (with whom I was actually more friends with in HS than I was with her) are married and have a beautiful family. There was one picture of them from HS and I commented on it. It was a really cute picture and it was exactly how I remembered them. The other day, a picture of hers was on my home page. I flipped through the album and realized it was the same album with the photo on which I'd commented...except my comment had been deleted. Again, WTH? It was a complimentary comment.

These are only two of so many stupid little things that happen regularly at Facebook High School. It literally blows my mind that so many people have NOT left high school in their past and continue to try to live it. I use Facebook to keep in touch with people...not to brag or show off or prove my superiority. My friends already know I'm superior! :)

At this point, I can honestly say that if it wasn't for all the addictive games and the few good friends with whom I've reconnected, I could easily leave Facebook forever!


  1. My favorite is that people who were NOT friends in high school are now best friends, due to FB, and we all have to see their conversations to each other? Hide button, thanks. And all the cliquey code words used. What the heck? Wasn't this bad enough back then?

    I'm with you on the whole FB thing.

  2. I've noticed the same sort of situation with someone on my "friends" list as well. At first my feelings were hurt (only because she's the one who friended me in the first place) and we never really talk just sort of have a common good friend & connected that way. Well, the other day I noticed that someone else had commented on some of their friends just disappearing & blamed it on a Facebook glitch. I'm not sure if it's a computer glitch or not but it could explain a few things (I hope).

  3. I know! Facebook is such a mixed bag. I love it and I hate it.

  4. I know so many who start FB by friending everyone and anyone no matter what. Then a few months later they start un-friending complaining they have to many stalkers. Right. Anyway, my best advice is all FB users need to understand and use the privacy controls along with their best code of conduct. If you can't say it to their face you shouldn't be posting it or friending them.


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