Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Addiction

I had to go to the grocery store. The closest place for me to do my grocery shopping is one of those Very Well Known mega-marts that carries EVERYTHING (and advertises it's LOW PRICES...if you know what I mean).

The problem with doing one's grocery shopping in such a place is the number of distractions...like, for instance, SCHOOL SUPPLIES!

I great-big-puffy-heart school supplies! I'm talking deep, unnatural, unhealthy obsession here! They're so neat and shiny and bright and colorful and I just *have* to have them! All of them!

The other day, while I ran in for a few items, I walked out with twenty composition notebooks, thirty spiral notebooks, twenty-five pocket-folders with brads, and fifteen packages of loose-leaf paper! When added to the grocery items I bought, my total was still under $60!

Today was not so good. Today, I had both The Boy AND The Girl with me. I had said we were not school supply shopping but I just couldn't help it! This year, everything is so organized and color-coordinated!! The shelves are neat and the items are tidy. Everything is so easy to find. Did I already mention bright and colorful displays? I was actually trying to convince myself I needed things I have never in my life even thought about using before, because they were oh, so cute! Our only set back was that there were no Crayola crayons, which The Girl prefers over the off brand they had. At twenty cents per box of 24, I went ahead and stocked up. I bought 25 boxes for myself.

Today, the damage was intense. Today, with our groceries, we tipped the $300 mark. Hell, we more than tipped. We went straight over that puppy! Luckily, I had perused The Girl's school supply list before we left home; there were only two items we did not get for her. The Boy did not have a list this year. I'm thinking his teachers will let us know once school starts.

I had heard one of the office supply stores is having a big sale and I was doing so well to steer clear of it. *sigh* I have no willpower!


  1. I completely understand - even as a kid I'd spend my money on school supplies.
    I also visited that same well known store the other day (alone) and had more fun throwing stuff into my cart. They have some really cool stuff out now - those clipboards & binders, pens & pencils...ahhh.

  2. Everything is so bright and clean when it is new. I love new folders too!

  3. Wow, my hubby would kill me if I impulsively did that...on second thought, I would do myself in! :) I know what temptation you speak of though, and I am sure you are not alone in this. Good for you that you used your daughter's list, but I'm still left scratching my head over the amounts of notebooks you purchased. I can understand buying 2 or 3, but 20 or 30? Not judging you..just astounded!
    Good luck with your next grocery trip-maybe shop with cash?? All the best, Suzanne

  4. Suzanne...I should probably mention I am a teacher, hence my excessive purchases for myself! :)

  5. I TOTALLY get it! The clip boards lured me in with their cute little multi-colored bubbles! Oh for a girl to shop for. Anyway - this does not stop me from buying the plethura of binders, spirals, loose leaf and, wait for it...legal pads and post its!! I do have 3 kids still at home and many, many years of school left so I see no harm in it. Last I checked, I am no where near the expiration date. :-)

  6. Schools canteen are so expensive and many students can't afford.

  7. Well, I know what temptation you speak of though, and I am sure you are not alone in this.


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