Sunday, July 4, 2010

Taking the Fun out of the Fourth

For as long as I can remember, Independence Day was celebrated with much fanfare, food, friends, family, and fireworks. And, to the best of my knowledge, that all occured on the FOURTH of July. Makes sense, especially since fourth begins with an F, as do all the other words. Right? Right.

So what's up with all the festivities occurring on the THIRD of July? Third begins with a T, not an F, although, in some cases, they look similar, which is why, when I give a True/False quiz, I make my students write out the words true and false.

But I digress.

So here, in our town, all festivities for this holiday occurred yesterday. There was a fair, food, and, of course, fireworks. Last night. On the third. Of July.

NOT Independence Day.

Why is it we think we can just *change* holidays to fit our needs. Yes, the 4th falling on a Sunday is inconvenient to many who have to work on Monday morning; however, that is the day it is. Period. Deal with it. If you can't stay up to get drunk and watch fireworks, then get over it. You're a grown-up. You have responsibilities.

The same thing happened here on Halloween a few years ago. It fell on a Wednesday (in 2007) and so Trick-or-Treating was done the Saturday night before Halloween. WHAT? That makes no sense. All Saints' Day is November 1. All Hallows' Eve (aka Halloween) is October 31. You can't *move* the holiday for convenience sake! This year, Halloween will fall on a Sunday. I'll bet you Trick-or-Treating will be "held" on October 30th.

Is NOTHING sacred anymore?! Next thing you know, they'll move New Year's to the first SATURDAY in January!

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  1. AMEN SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That annoyed me as well... especially when you consider that 9/10ths of the world had Monday off anyways!!!!!


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