Saturday, July 3, 2010

15 random things - farm edition

1. There is such a thing as a shit-spreader, although it is commonly called a manure spreader.

2. Tractors come in ALL sizes from cute little ones to ginormous ones.

3. Just as cars are doing in Detroit, tractors are going retro! This is a brand new model.

4. Tractor attachments are expensive!

5. We need several attachments!

6. I need to learn how to "can" foods.

7. Why is it called "canning" when you put things in glass jars?

8. 79 acres is a LOT of land. (OK...technically, I knew that, but sometimes, it's overwhelming.)

9. I love old grain bins.

10. There are catalogs for chickens! I looked through two different ones last week.

11. There are special spreaders for chicken poop too.

12. Chicken poop spreaders fling chicken poop 50 feet!

13. Hawks are territorial; we have several at our farm.

14. The Husband saw a coyote on the farm the other day. I think that's cool as hell, but The Husband does not.

15. The color of a chicken does not necessarily determine the color of its egg.

There is so much more, but am at a loss right now. Happy Trails and have a Happy 4th of July. Remember what it means.

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  1. Well! I grew up on a sort of farm and both of my parents grew up on farms but these are some things that I never knew!


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