Saturday, August 7, 2010

Random stuff

The first week of school is over...except it was really only two days. I worked all week, but the students were only there two days. All the same, it went well and is promising to be a good year.

My kids still have most of this week off. They go back at the end of this week. We still have orientation and all sorts of other fun things to take care of this week!

Went out to dinner with some girlfriends Tuesday night. Hadn't done that in quite a while, and it was a blast. Note to self: go out more often!

I'm kind of shocked I have absolutely nothing worthwhile to write. That never happens! Well - it does, but I'm never short on things to say! Writing is different.

Yeah - so thanks for wasting a few moments of your life reading! Hopefully tomorrow will prove more interesting!


  1. Reading what you have to say is never a waste of time!

  2. And I personally loved the bit about dinner out with girlfriends.


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