Monday, August 23, 2010

Why I don't like impulse shopping

I mentioned that the other day was our 15th wedding anniversary. It was a week day and The Husband had to work late, so we did not do anything to celebrate. Our plan was to go on a date Saturday night.

Originally, we had planned to try to go on a mini-vacation (sans kids) but neither of our work schedules lent themselves to such fun or adventure. A standard date was all we were going to get!

I don't remember our 5th anniversary much. It was quite a while ago. I remember The Husband was out of town, but I don't recall what we did when he got home. I can't recall what we exchanged for gifts. It is entirely possible we did not exchange gifts at all, since I was not working and we had two small children.

For our 10th anniversary, we (impulsively) bought a 1965 Mustang fastback. Our plan was to restore it. We both love old cars (he more than I, but still). We kept that Mustang for a couple of years, but had to get rid of it. The Husband was unexpectedly transferred and we had no place to keep the car (at this point, it had no longer had an engine). We sold it to a friend.

For our 15th anniversary, we bought a Polaris Ranger. With nearly 80 acres, we knew we would need it on the farm. We have so much work to do there that this guy is going to be worth his weight in gold!

We purchased this on Saturday. The Girl had gymnastics, so we went to look while she was at gym. Then, after we picked her up, we went up to purchase it. The process was incredibly easy and stress-free...until the end! We have a trailer that we'd swung by the house to grab before heading up to the dealership. Once all the paperwork was finalized, we went to load the UTV onto the trailer...except it didn't fit! I could not believe it. The salesman was not concerned; many people simply load them in the beds of their pick-up trucks. They got the forklift and lifted the UTV.

Guess what didn't fit. Go ahead. Guess. I've got time!

The salesman was really nice and offered to loan us a 6 x 10 trailer for the weekend so we could get home. Since we knew our 5 x 8 wasn't going to help us get the UTV to the farm, we realized we had to buy the trailer. The Husband was planning on getting rid of our smaller trailer, but I pointed out that the Ranger has the capability and power to tow the smaller trailer and we will DEFINITELY use it on the farm, so we now own TWO trailers.

See why I'm not such a fan of the impulse shopping?! All the same, the Ranger is cool as hell and super fun to drive!


  1. that's a cool looking machine!

    My grandparents had some property in Canada and for the longest time we used an old army Jeep to get things (and grandma) from the boat dock to the house... then grandpa got a golf cart which grandma like but he didn't... i bet he would have LOVED on of THOSE things!

  2. Oh those are so fun!!! Enjoy!!!


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