Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chivalry is dead

Well, not totally, but it's well on its way out.

When I left work today, I noticed, much to my chagrin, that I had a flat. My left rear tire was dead. There were three men in the parking lot as I noticed this, so I yelled (pretty loudly), "Hey! Anyone want to help me change a tire?"

I was kidding of course. I knew no one wanted to help, but at no time did I expect those gentlemen to get into their respective vehicles and drive off! I was a bit shocked. One of my female co-workers, upon seeing my van, drove back around the parking lot to check that I was OK and had the help I needed. Women 1; Men 0.

I had to go back into the building and ask someone for help. I could not believe it.

Now I'm certain I could have changed the tire myself; I've done it before; however, I was totally going for the damsel in distress today and it was SO not working. And - I was wearing white pants! As it happens, I did help quite a bit. I drive a minivan and my spare tire is under the middle of my van. I lowered the spare and released it while my co-worker jacked up the van and removed the flat tire. Women 2; Men 1.

I really am surprised by the behavior of the men who literally scurried to their vehicles so they would not have to help!


  1. I don't know what surprises me more - their behavior or the fact that you thought when given a choice, men would CHOOSE to be kind and helpful. It is too bad you didn't get their tag numbers so the world at large could appreciate just exactly who was so blatantly male.

  2. This happened to me once in the parking lot of a hotel. A man finally came over to see if I needed help, as I was putting the lug nuts back onto the switched tire. Sigh.


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