Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wine With Hope

I have always been a wine drinker; however, I have never been a fan of the red wines. Oh, I've tried to like reds...believe me, I've tried...but I've never found any I liked.

Monday, I stopped by our local wine shop and one of the women working came up and began to chat with me. We discussed some wines (I'm a Pinot Grigio fan) and I told her my feelings toward the reds. She felt the same way. She said she rarely drank red wine because she didn't much like it either. Still, she steered me toward a bottle that she said she'd tried and recalled liking. I had never heard of it before.

This amazing woman introduced me to Bully Hill Vineyards. She pulled out a bottle of Barnyard Red, and said she had liked it. I liked the label! I know it is not easy to see here, but it is a colorful and fun label, so I was immediately drawn to it. The back of the label claims it is a drier than sweet wine, but if you ask me, it is PERFECT! Mom was visiting Monday night and we went through the bottle rather quickly! It is a flavorful wine and easy to drink. I would definitely recommend it and have since gone back to (1) purchase more, and (2) thank the woman who recommended it!

So, the interesting thing about this wine was that when I opened it, the cork read "WINE WITH HOPE." I have read the vineyard website and don't see any place that explains why that is on the cork. I *did* see some other short comments on the site that began "Wine with..." so maybe that's just their thing? I don't know. It is the only bottle I've opened so far, so I don't know if the other bottles have other messages on their corks...but you can bet I'll find out!

Anyway, I highly recommend the wine. I also bought a bottle of their blush, I think. Haven't tried it yet, but I do expect greatness!

Bottoms up!


  1. I'm a red ~ LOVE! Never used to be until I began trying some now all I drink is red. It helps that my Dr. insists on one glass of red a day to help naturally lower my cholesterol. Now that's one script I can follow!

  2. It IS a nice wine, and we did finish it rather quickly -- but nobody had to drive!


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