Monday, September 6, 2010

Please Stand By...

I have a bajillion posts to write; however, I'm having a hard time making the time to write them all! Since I last wrote (LAST WEEK) there have been two trips to the farm, a wienie roast, and a whole lot of progress.

I promise to catch up soon...VERY soon! As soon as football and gymnastics slow down. Oh - wait - they're just starting! Eek!!

And - thanks for all the suggestions for the coffee dilemma. We did, on our most recent trip, bring our camping coffee pot up to the farm, so we at least have that. I'm definitely going to get some of those Starbucks Via packets. They come highly recommended!


  1. I hear you, I know what you mean. We'll catch you when you're ready!

  2. You officially have homework, whenever you get around to it ;-).


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