Sunday, August 29, 2010


We made a quick trip up to the farm this weekend (and I'll post about that later). Since it was a super quick trip, we decided to stay at the Mother-In-Law's house.

We did not work particularly late Saturday night, but we did get up early Sunday morning so we could get a bunch done before coming back home. Neither the Mother-In-Law nor her husband drinks coffee. They do not even own a coffee pot! The Horror!

I should mention there was an offer of some instant coffee, but I just knew that was NOT going to work; nor was the General Foods International Coffee. I needed REAL coffee...and badly!

THIS is a problem!

I should also point out that the Mother-In-Law lives in a tiny country town that does not have a grocery store or gas "Quickie Mart" to run to for a cup of Joe!

I managed to start my day with a Diet Coke, hoping it would stave off the potential bad mood I knew I'd be in without my coffee (not to mention the headache!). Once we ate breakfast and went to the farm, I left The Husband and The Boy and took off in search of my fix. I found it about 20 miles down the highway at the next town...a town that boasts not one, but two convenience stores, a drug store, and at least one grocery! I grabbed an extra large coffee to go and all was right with the world!


  1. There is just no need to go without coffee! I am glad you survived.

  2. Sounds like your Mother-in-Law needs a French Press for Christmas (or Thanksgiving, or Labor Day). is one example

    Or you can get yourself a small one with a freeze dried packet of coffee to keep in the van for "emergencies."

  3. i have one word for you; Starbucks VIA.. i know it's instant but I swear it does not taste like instant, just take it with you whenever you visit the in laws!

  4. I know how it feels! Driving 20 miles to get your coffee is definitely so worth it. If I don't have my coffee in the morning, my brain starts out so slow and I'd get so unproductive. I really don't know how I could live without it. lol!


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