Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Major downside to the whole working-outside-the-home-mom thing...

I've been a "working-outside-the-home-mom" for a few years now. I went back to work (outside the home...I am in no way implying SAHMs do not work; they do. I did for YEARS. It was a LOT of work. REALLY a lot!) when The Girl was in second grade. It had been my intention to go back when she was in first grade, but it didn't happen. Whatever.

Now that I'm a WOHM, things are hard. I mean, I *knew* it would be hard, but I wasn't ready for some of the emotionally hard stuff. Some of it sucks.

This morning, The Girl left for a three-day field trip. She went last year as well, and so did The Boy. I went too, as a chaperone. I wasn't working yet, so it was no biggie to go. This year, I could not go. I cannot take three days off right now. I am taking a half-day off on Friday so I can go pick her up from school when she gets back. Since we have parent-teacher conferences that day, I had to make up the time so I could meet with as many parents as wanted to. I gave up my planning period this morning for conferences. Of course that also meant I was not able to come in late; I was not able to bring The Girl to school this morning. And, of all days, The Husband had to be out of town overnight last night.

And so, I had to send The Girl off to school on the bus, with all her stuff. She dragged her duffel bag and her bedding on the bus with her. In fact, because I had conferences this morning, I had to leave before she did. That sucked. A lot.

So there you have it. One of the suckiest parts about working outside the home as a mom. Don't get me wrong - I love my job - but I hate the fact that I was not able to be there for my kid this morning.

That will take some time to get over.


  1. I HATE missing out on school stuff. I hate not being able to be a room mom and come in and help the teacher. I hate not being able to pop in at school and have lunch with my kid.

  2. Even when you have an incredibly flexible employer, this stuff never seems to end. It *does* suck. :-/


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