Monday, November 15, 2010

The end of an era...or "free at last"

The Girl began gymnastics when she began 3rd grade. She went all through that year and began competing in the middle of 4th grade. We moved at the end of 4th grade and she moved right into a new gym. She competed through 5th grade and here we are, approaching the middle of 6th grade.

The Girl has been "done" with gymnastics for a month or two now. She does not feel as though she is treated well at the gym. She is not one of the "it" girls, and it shows. Her love for the sport has wavered...a lot. In fact, she no longer likes it. Still, we would not allow her to quit; she made a commitment and she was going to finish it. We paid for it and she was going to finish right.


Until I got angry about something. I wrote a letter to the coach expressing my frustration. Rather than sit down and talk about it, the coach kicked The Girl off the team. Because she was mad at me. Incredibly immature and totally ridiculous.

Today, The Girl came home from school. I asked her how she'd feel if I told her she never had to go to the gym again.

She cried.


She was elated.

In an attempt to "hurt" us, the coach did us a favor. Not only did she kick The Girl off the team, she is actually sending us all our money back.

Life is good! The Girl is happy. We have our life back. The Girl is already making social plans!


  1. Wow. A blessing in disguise. I hate it had to come to that but yay for free time. Enjoy.

  2. p.s. not sure if I spelled disguise right or not & too tired to care right now, but knowing what
    you do for a living thought I might need explain. Sometimes words just don't look right. Oh well.

  3. Nice! Thanks Jerky Coach. Especially for the full refund. Wow. She's mean, and stupid. :O)

    Happy Social Life Girl!

  4. We have been at both good and bad gyms. In fact, that is the reason we moved to Denver is for Damian to train at a gym with an Olympian and current National Champion. It is exhausting both mentally and physically without adding drama to it! Glad she is happy and can't wait to hear about what sport she does next! :)

  5. please make your posts longer or have your music continue from the blog to the comments page.

    I was enjoying Coldplay while reading your blog. When I got to the end, the song was still on, but I wanted to check the comments. Click on the comments, and I miss the end of the song. Now, I've got to continue typing this comment until the U2 song is over. Don't want to make the same mistake twice.


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