Wednesday, November 24, 2010


You would think that with all this extra time on my hands, I'd be a better blogger, right?


Why is that? Why am I still a major slacker? All this time, I attributed my "laziness" to the fact that I was almost never at home where I could collect my thoughts and compose my posts. But now that I have more "at-home" time, I am still not writing as much.

I'm thinking that, for now, it has a lot to do with the new-found freedom. Suddenly, I have time. Time I can waste! I have spent a significant amount of time on crackbook foraging on my frontier, mastering bejeweled, and writing witty status updates. Ok. Maybe not that last part. Whatever!

Perhaps another issue is that my life is . . . get ready, folks . . . boring. I live a plain, basic life of going to work and shuttling the kids around. Not a whole lot of excitement there. Here's me: happily married, working mom, two kids, one dog.

I *did* spend some time this morning rearranging things. I think I like the new layout, but I'm not 100% yet. I accidentally removed the music and I'm not sure I remember how to put it back! How's that for pathetic?! I like the new colors, but on my pc, the picture for my header is not centered and it bugs the pee out of me. (It hasn't been centered for a long time and I don't know how to fix it.)

I'm open to suggestions...

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