Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How I spent my afternoon

My iPhone has been acting up; the battery has suddenly decided it no longer wants to hold a charge. I'm OK with this. I have no idea how old the phone is, but I've had it since July. My neighbor bought an iPhone 4 and I bought her old 3G-S. (I had a 3G). I am guessing she had the phone for at least two years because she upgraded. It is entirely possible that after three plus years, the battery might go bad.

My plan for this afternoon was to go to AT&T and get a new battery. I also planned to set up my iPad. I knew it would be a looooooooong afternoon of waiting, but I was prepared for it.

I definitely got my afternoon of waiting...a long time. I think I spent about 2 and a half hours waiting...but not at AT&T. Instead, I spent it at the ER.

The Girl came home from school saying her knee hurt and was wrapped and the school nurse suggested she have x-rays. Then, she showed us her knee. It was totally swollen. Apparently, it has been bothering her for over a week (she says she told The Husband, but no one told me). I could have called her pediatrician, but I knew it'd be a week before we could get in. SO, we went to the ER. (We have a minor-emergency center here, but they don't take my insurance). A hurt knee is not exactly an emergency, so we patiently waited our turn.

After an examination and some x-rays, the PA came back and basically said she didn't know what was wrong...some sort of inflammation (um...I knew that) and said The Girl was going to get a full knee-brace and crutches. She is to follow-up with her doc next week. The nurse came back but with only an ace bandage and crutches. Apparently, they do not have any child braces, only adult ones. The girl weighs a whopping 83 lbs (and is about 5 ft tall). The adult brace would wrap around her twice!

So...she is on her crutches and Motrin. She was THRILLED to get the crutches, which I think is silly because by the end of school tomorrow, she'll probably hate them! Guess I'll get a new battery another day!

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  1. Hop she feels better soon...going up and down on crutches is not easy. Kisses!


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