Saturday, January 8, 2011

A not-so-popular topic

I don't normally get political AT ALL here; in fact, I'm not sure I have ever written anything about politics, but this has to be said.

I was on my way to work yesterday morning and I was listening to NPR, which I do nearly every morning. Yesterday, they were discussing the upcoming Chicago Mayoral Election. The reporter was discussing two of the main front-runners, Rahm Emanuel and Carol Moseley Braun. He then asked two people on the street who they favored for the job.

The first person, a woman, said (and I am totally paraphrasing because I cannot recall the exact words) that she was in favor of whichever candidate would do the best job for the city. The second person, a man, said (again, I am totally paraphrasing because I cannot recall the exact words) that it was time for a black person and he was in favor of Braun.


Why does this man believe that a candidate's color makes a difference as to how he or she will perform a job? That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. In all that he said, not once did he mention a word about Braun's qualifications or what he thought she'd do that was better than what Emanuel would do.

I cannot speak to the race as I don't know a whole lot about either candidate, but you can believe whole-heartedly that I don't care if the best candidate is PURPLE, as long as he or she was, in my opinion, the most qualified and best person for the job.

I just don't understand why people have to see color when they look at one another. Why can't they simply see PEOPLE?!


  1. Darn good question my friend. So what if neither of them were black? Would he not vote at all? I just went to a page that listed the candidates for the mayoral position - fortunately there seems to be a Hispanic man and and Asian guy so there's someone for THEM to vote for.

    What ridiculousness.

  2. Nicely stated. I don't understand that either. It's the fact that if and how a person could do the job.....I wish people would accept people for who they are! The racism we have in our country today is much worse than it ever has been!

  3. Stop trying to make this about race..The next mayor should be able to embrace the hopes, dreams, aspiration of the great diversity of people who reside here in Chicago. The person may have worded it clumsily but it is the sense that the candidate can be at home with self and yet connect with folks from 47th street to the gold coast, to Devon and in Pilsen, In chinatown, Greek town, Litle Italy, Ukraine Village or to Edison Park and Hegewisch. There is only one candidate in the race who can do that. She just happens to be Black. To be successful and Black in America, knowing how to connect with a multitude of diferent people is a not only a survival skill but a strategic strength; something that most Euro-Americans never really learn how to do.

  4. If "Anonymous" is correct, and Carol Mosely Braun IS the most qualified candidate, then the people of Chicago should vote for her....because she is QUALIFIED...not because she is BLACK.

    Off my soapbox now.

  5. Anonymous, if you READ what I wrote, you would see that I am NOT the one making it about race; the man who said it was time for a Black mayor did. I merely observed and commented on the stupidity of such a comment.


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