Sunday, May 15, 2011

Open Letter

Dear Cashier at the local craft store,

I am not a huge fan of school projects and, I guess, you saw that in my eyes yesterday. I was the one who bought two pieces of foam core, a coupe of bunches of moss, ribbons, adhesive, and other classic 'school-project' craft stuff. Maybe I rolled my eyes one too many times while mentioning the outrageous cost of school projects and that gave away my exasperation. I don't know.

To be honest, I wasn't really kidding when I told you I wanted everything on sale. I say that. A lot. Everywhere I go.

The thing is, no one ever takes me seriously. No one except you, my new bff. You rang up every single item at half price. We both know it was not all on sale; we had discussed it prior to your touching the register.

Maybe you were mad at your boss or the company for which you work. Maybe you felt sorry for me, knowing the daunting task ahead. Regardless of the reason, what you did for me did not go unnoticed. I did not make a fuss or even say a word. I silently watched you and silently thanked you. I truly appreciate what you did.

Thank you again!

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