Saturday, May 14, 2011

We've got SPIRIT; yes, we do! We've got SPIRIT; how 'bout you?

Blogger was down and somewhat killed my mojo! Glad to be back up and running.

The big news here is that The Girl made the cheer squad. She is officially a middle school cheerleader. She is so very excited and I am happy for her. Try-outs were two weeks ago and the results were posted Thursday after school. She had planned to wait for me to get to her school to look, but she couldn't hold back. She called just as I was pulling into the school parking lot to tell me she made it.

The next step is fittings after school Monday. Then, cheer camp this summer.

This will be so easy for us, which is nice for a change, because The Boy will be playing football and basketball while The Girl cheers. We don't have to be two places at once; The Husband and I don't have to go in separate directions!

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