Friday, June 17, 2011

The one that got away

Yesterday, as I was walking, I thought of something I wanted to post. Ordinarily, I'm not that bad at keeping a thought for a full day into the next, but for whatever reason, this one I could not. I'm talking gone. Kaput. Nada. I cannot, for anything, remember what it was I wanted to share.

Now there are many things to which I can attribute my loss of memory here, but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the fact that after my walk, I decided to run the bleachers.

WHAT was I thinking?

And, by run I mean walk!

Anyway, I had done two big laps around the parking lot where The Girl plays softball. If memory serves, it is about 0.8 miles; I usually try to walk 4 laps. Yesterday was a little hotter than I'd planned, so I decided to do 2 laps and the bleachers. A friend had done them earlier in the day so I figured surely I could too.

Facts about the bleachers:
~There are 34 steps up the bleachers.
~There are 34 steps down the bleachers.
~Despite the fact that falling down is the quickest method to descend, I recommend against it.
~There are four places to go up or down the bleachers.
~I went up (and down) four times.
~34 x 4 is 136.
~I climbed up 136 steps.
~136 is a lot.
~I came down 136 steps.
~136 is still a lot.
~I think I died on the bleachers, but I'm not sure yet.

The good news is that shockingly, I can still walk. Even more bizarre is the fact that I'm considering doing that again.

I probably won't remember it.

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