Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pseudo Spa Evening

For Mother's Day this year, The Girl really wanted to give me a day at the spa. As flattered as I was by the offer, I had a few problems with this idea.

First of all, I am not interested in The Girl spending that much money on me. We have a few spas here, and despite the fact that they are relatively inexpensive compared to larger cities, none are affordable on a 12-yr-old's "salary" (read allowance).

Another problem I have is time. I barely have enough time to get done all that needs to be done in any given day. To find a way to make the time to spend several hours at a spa seems impossible to me.

The last "problem" is less of a problem and more of a issue with the entire spa day process. If I'm going to spend my day relaxing at a spa, the last thing I want to do is get in my car and drive home, because Lord knows some idiot will end up in front of me and the fruits of all those hours of relaxation will be gone in an instant when I get irritated at said idiot! (Not that I suffer from episodes of road rage or anything...)

Tonight, The Girl and one of her best friends decided the spa treatment could wait no longer. They informed me this afternoon that there *would* be a spa evening and it was to be tonight. I arrived across the street (smart girls to remove driving from the occasion) just before my treatment was to begin. I was lead to the living room relaxation room where I was attacked by one of two naked 3-yr-olds fresh from the tub greeted warmly with a hug from a junior staff member. My neighbor and I had appointments at the same time, which was pleasant. My first appointment was for a massage; hers was for a pedicure. Then, we were to switch.

My massage was quite nice. Soft music, champagne, dim lights...all that was necessary for the proper relaxation. After the first half of the spa treatment, we were led to another relaxation room where we were serenaded by the sound of rapid-fire machine guns and other death noises produced by Call of Duty: whatever version more up-tempo sounds. I was then led to the pedicure room. I was seated on the potty seat in the chair and my feet were placed in the hot, bubbling water. My pedicurist did a wonderful job and even put a small daisy design on each of my big toes while one of the 3-yr-olds clambered into my lap and watched intently I was showered with more affection.

Sadly, as all things do, my spa evening had to come to an end. (After all, the champagne was gone!) Overall, it was a wonderful evening and I truly enjoyed every moment of the experience. I highly recommend this particular spa and will definitely be returning!

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