Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Why is this so difficult for people? What has happened in our society that we are now seemingly unaware of or incapable of exercising proper etiquette?

I am having a bit of trouble with our upcoming festivities. It seems people are unaware of basic etiquette. An invitation addressed to a single person is not an invitation for an entire family. Why is this unclear? I always thought the basic rule of thumb was that only people named on the envelope are invited. And yet, I am seeing that is no longer common knowledge.

A few weeks ago, The Girl received an invitation to a birthday party. It has a phone number and asks that we RSVP. The invitation was sent about a month prior to the event, which is awfully early for a birthday party, but it *is* summer and I suspect the mom wanted to know who would be on vacation. At no time from the moment that envelope was placed into my mailbox to now did I think that I was invited to this party. I did not plan for The Boy or The Husband to attend either. It is very clear it is intended for The Girl; she is to whom the envelope was addressed.

Why is it people think the case is different for a more formal affair? I have already had several people imply they would be attending the kids' party. None of these people were invited. It is now my job to be the "ugly one" and tell each person that he or she is not invited to the event; The Boy and The Girl invited their friends, not their friends' families.

I want to be able to mail this article to everyone, but alas, that would truly be ugly of me. And so, I will continue to make phone calls and attempt to let people know if your name isn't on it, you are NOT invited!

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