Thursday, August 4, 2011

And we're back

Officially, that is. I started back to work on Monday, but today, the kids came back. It was actually kind of fun. We have a sort of strange thing going on where we don't do anything academic on the first day of school. I would not choose to start a school year like that, but no one asked me. Regardless, I spent the day telling my students what school supplies they will need and asking them questions about themselves. Had I been more on top of things, I'd have had one of those ice-breakers prepared...but I didn't.

I think it will be a good year. I've got some neat kids in my classes and I'm excited about it. I love how optimistic and fun the first few days of school are. Everyone is so positive and it is contagious. It always reminds me of why I love my job so much!

Adding to the joy of a new school year is the fact that this year, I have my very own classroom. I am starting my third year at this particular school and I just now got a classroom. I spent the last two years on a cart (but I did have an office almost entirely to myself). I feel grounded and I like that.

I think it's going to be a really good year! It will be interesting to look back at this post at the end of May and see what I think!

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