Wednesday, February 8, 2012 THAT's how this works!

So it seems it isn't enough to *think* my posts...I actually have to take the time to *write* them as well! Perhaps that is why there have been no posts since August!!

To be honest, once school started this year, I became incredibly busy. It was unreal. The Boy was in football and The Girl was a cheerleader. There was A LOT of running around. Quick recap: The Boy's football team had an AMAZING season. They finished the regular season as the number 2 seed, won their playoff game, and played in the "Superbowl" against the only team to whom they'd lost all season. Sadly, they came up short and were not crowned champions by the league. They *were* champions to us, though. It was an incredible season.

The Monday after football ended, basketball began. That has been a whole different story! The team is not as good at basketball as it was at football, but it's been a tremendous experience watching The Boy blossom into a basketball player. A few weeks ago, he had a career high 14 points in one game. It was a lot of fun to watch. It was also a bit sad because we all know this is the last season he will play basketball. He will not pursue it in high school; his focus is football and we all know it. In fact, he has even decided not to bother playing baseball at school this year. The Boy has played baseball every year since he was 4, so it will be strange for him not to play. He said he may play in town...just not at school. The football coaches are quite pleased with his decision!

The Girl is, as we suspected she would be, an excellent cheerleader. All those years of gymnastics paid off and she's also a lot of fun to watch. Once basketball season ends (this weekend), we will look into putting her back into a tumbling class so she can practice, reinforce, and maybe even expand her skills. She is pretty excited about that.

There is so much more happening in our lives right now, but I will take my time getting you all caught up. It is too much for one post!

I really hope this is the start of my return to the blogosphere...I've missed you all and hope you have not forgotten me!

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  1. Welcome back! Was excited to see your blog come up in my reader.


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