Saturday, March 31, 2012

Catching up

Rumor has it, we have CEMENT at our property! I have not actually SEEN it, but The Husband has, so I'm guessing it's true. All things being equal, we should have an actual building before long. Woohoo! We only ordered the thing in DECEMBER!! Ack!

In other news, I am so happily relaxed after a wonderful spring break. I did not go anywhere (The Boy and The Girl do not have the same spring break I do) but I definitely was able to relax. At first, I thought it would be bad not to have the same break, but now I realize how wonderful it is. I get an actual BREAK - a whole week TO MYSELF. Loved almost every minute of it!

Family Fun has been in full swing as well. Last weekend, we took a break from working and went out to have some fun. We took our "toys" to an OHV park for the day.

It was a lot of fun. The Husband had wanted to do this for a long time and we finally had a free day, so we loaded up. This is the before picture!

There was beautiful scenery along our ride:

We had quite a muddy adventure:

Eventually, we stopped for a picnic lunch...and, of course, we HAD to skip stones. Technically, The Husband and The Boy did most of the skipping. Neither The Girl nor I seem to have that ability. Most of our stones went "plump!"

I love shots of The Kids from the much photo-editing I can do with these!

Alas, the fun day had to come to an end. Well...sort of. The FUN part came to an end...the clean-up took a few more days!

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