Friday, October 5, 2007

Warning label for shoes...

We had to go out in public today. I am not a huge fan of going out in public with The Girl or The Boy, but from time to time, I must. The fun is when I must take them both at the same time. Today, it was a trip to the computer store to see if there is any hope for my beloved pc (I am currently using The Husband's laptop). While I was trying to speak with the very-new-to-his-job customer service man, The Boy starts chasing The Girl. They run in circles. I politely ask them to stop. Well - let me rephrase that. I think and process the request that they stop in English, their native tongue, but apparently, what comes out of my mouth is some unknown language no one under the age of 21 can comprehend. I believe they understand me to be cheering them on. That must be why the antics continue. I grab The Girl and place her hands on the counter. I do the same with The Boy. I inform them they are grounded for the rest of the evening.

Let the tantrum begin! "Please, Mommy! One more chance, Please? He was hitting my pressure point!! PLEASE, Mommy! See? It's red, Mommy! Please! One more try!!" Pressure point? Are you serious?! What the hell is that (and, more to the point - where the hell did she hear that)?

This goes on for a while. I inform The Girl she is now grounded tomorrow as well. Oh my gosh - you would think I stuck a hot poker up her butt! Full blown hysterics ensue. Of course, I also learn I'm "ruining her life!" Wow - really? So soon? Lucky me - who knew it'd be so easy?! I was so sure I'd have to wait for the teen years to do that!

When we get in the car, she expresses to me that the reason she was acting like a fool is actually because she has blisters on her feet from her new shoes. Silly me not to realize that blisters on one's feet can cause one to act like an untamed chimpanzee. Perhaps the shoe companies should consider putting that warning label on their products...

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