Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Curse

Remember when you were little and you did stupid things and made your mom so mad she said things like "Just wait till YOU have kids!! I hope they're JUST LIKE YOU!" Remember that? Well my mom...she wins the prize. She got her wish...and thensome! The Girl - she is just like me. She hates chores and fights them tooth and nail. She complains the entire time she does something. I'm fairly certain she does this with the intent of pissing me off to the point where I will send her off and complete the task on my own. BUT - I am on to her! I refuse to banish her to her room. Instead, I make her withstand such atrocities as folding her laundry and putting it away. Heck - I will even go so far as to make her fold ALL the laundry! After all, she is almost 9. She has been living with us free of charge for quite some time already!

Back to the point. The Girl - she can be pretty obnoxious. And me? Well, what's more fun than pushing buttons on a little girl prone to tantrums? You're right - NOTHING! And so I poke. Today, I was emptying the dishwasher. She was folding laundry and, true to character, throwing a tantrum. She was angry that I was making so much noise and could I please not make so much's bothering her. I assured her that I was, in fact, unloading the dishwasher purely for the pleasure I receive by annoying her and not in the least because I enjoy eating off clean dishes.

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  1. And yes -- It does please me! After all, MY mother got it back on me twofold -- SHE only had two children, but I, (LUCKY< LUCKY ME) had FOUR! And you know what? Today I am pretty thankful for them, and for the longevity I added to my mother's life as she enjoyed all her pigeons coming home to roost! In case you haven't guessed, I am Wendy's Mom!


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