Friday, June 27, 2008

Christmas in...JUNE

Yesterday, as I was wasting time playing on the computer diligently working, the phone rang. It was the owner of one of the local paint-your-own-pottery places. I immediately had a flashback to October when, at The Girl's birthday party, I ordered this ADORABLE personalized snowman. Immediately, I asked the owner if she was calling to collect rent for said snowman that I've yet to even SEE much less paint! What can I say? I'm forgetful! Actually, I *did* try to go paint him once but it was a Monday and the shop is not open on Mondays., I went to paint Mr. Snowman. He's really cute - here is a picture of someone else's that I just found online: Mr. Snowman. The Boy and The Girl had 4" tiles to paint for a school fundraiser, so I was set - we all had something to do. The snowman is pretty big but didn't look like he'd need a whole lot of painting. WRONG!! The Boy and The Girl were finished with their projects in about 30 minutes. I had barely painted the nose and eyes! This little guy has gloves, a scarf, a hat, and a lantern, not to mention his buttons! WHOA! I managed to get him about half-way painted before I gave up for the day. I was too tired from constantly telling both kids to STOP running through the ceramics shop and to STOP picking things up!

I think my next trip will be sans kids. I'll try to take a photo or two as well. Like I said, he's a cutie pie!

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