Sunday, June 29, 2008

Releasing my inner redneck

Anyone who knows me knows I married a redneck. If you did not already know this, this post (and photo) should seal the deal. That being said, I have a confession to make. Perhaps, if you'd read and enjoyed this post, you'd realize we all have our own inner redneck.

One thing my inner redneck REALLY loves is the sound of an impact wrench. There is just something about that vbbbt, vbbbt, vbbbt, vbbbt that is music to my ears. I think it is one of the reasons The Husband got me to watch so much NASCAR! It's a cool sound. My theory is that ANY man can be sexy if he's rotating tires with one of these bad boys. Today, after changing his oil, The Husband rotated his tires. I'd have uploaded the audio but, again, I am technically challenged and don't have a clue how to do that. Instead, you'll have to settle for photos of The Husband and The Boy in training...

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