Tuesday, July 1, 2008

On the road again

Tomorrow we are headed out on a road trip. We are headed to VA to visit my younger brother and his family. Hopefully, the drive will not be as bad as our last trip! My nephew's birthday is July 4th so all of America celebrates with him! We try to make the trek as often as possible - the kids love it. This year, (aside from my parents) we're the only ones making the trip. The kids are somewhat bummed they won't see ALL of their cousins but excited to see the ones who live there. Besides, they LOVE the hotel up there...mostly because of the indoor/outdoor pool! The Husband and I are looking forward to some relaxation as well. He is on vacation this week so it has been rather peaceful in our house. We're planning a trip to the beach later this summer and we're hoping at least one or two (if not all three) of my brothers will join us.

Today, in preparation for this journey, we dropped The Dog at her swanky hotel and then stopped to get the car washed. We have one of those snazzy car wash places where they do a whole lot of extra stuff besides running the car through the wash. For a mere $29.95, they will clean the entire vehicle, inside and out, to include vacuuming, windows, and even some sort of armor all finish. The only bad thing is that the place is right next to a Sonic, which is torture for the kids, but they managed. Now, my car is sparkly clean! It even smells good, which is one reason we went after dropping off the dog! The task of packing is still ahead of me - I'm waiting for the laundry to finish.

I'll make attempts to post from our trip since we'll be gone 5 days. If not, I'll have plenty to post upon our return!


  1. Have fun!!! Make trailmix - it's one of my favorite parts of a roadtrip.

  2. Just stopping in from SITS, you are doing it right! The biggest thing is to leave a comment on the featured blogger, as it's her day to shine and get lots of comment love!

    We are so glad you joined us!


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