Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Day to Myself

Yes, you read correctly. The title of this post is, in fact, "A Day to Myself." Why would I post such a ridiculous title? Because. It. Happened!! TODAY!! I'm STILL grinning! How did I become so fortunate, you might ask. Well, I'll tell you.

The Boy is in Speech & Debate Camp. We figured we had to exercise his brain this summer in addition to all the physical activity (2 football camps, baseball camp, & basketball camp). The best part of Speech & Debate? It's from 9am - 4pm!'s EVERY day! The Girl is too young for the camp. (Technically, The Boy is too but they let him attend anyway. The coach knows me and I know she feels sorry for me!)

The Girl is friends with the daughter of a colleague. Today, she spent the day with said friend...ALL DAY! She left just as I dropped The Boy at camp and I did not pick her up until AFTER I had picked up The Boy! (I know you can't see it but I'm doing the full-blown happy dance right now...I'm still giddy, you know).

So...what did I do with my unexpected freedom? Well, first I went back to the pottery place to work on my snowman. I'm not finished but I will be with the next trip. After 2 hours painting, I left and strolled down the street to the local bookstore. After perusing for a while, I ordered The Three Martini Family Vacation since we are going on another trip next month. I feel I should be prepared and since The Three Martini Playdate prepared me so much for motherhood as a whole, I know this one will help me through the vacation woes.

While at the bookstore, a friend and her daughter (who is significantly older than The Girl and actually does know how to behave in public) met me and we went to lunch. It was a lovely and leisurely lunch at a cute little cafe. After lunch, we strolled down the street further to a ridiculously expensive shop and looked at shoes. Some of the shoes were really nice but some were downright UGLY. The funny part was when my friend's daughter and I found shoes we thought were atrocious and later saw women trying on said shoes. I'm sorry to say the giggles did get the best of us on more than one occasion (damn my juvenile sense of humor) but we were able to contain ourselves. We also decided we should not shop together all that often!

That was pretty much all for my afternoon. I drove my friend and her daughter home, picked up The Boy, picked up The Girl, and came home to chaos. It was good while it lasted!


  1. I am so jealous! Ned is driving me crazy and it is the weekend already and I cannot escape to work. I think I may give him away in a blog contest this weekend!

  2. Ok - I know exactly where you went in each of those stores but of course I can't actually put that in here....and I love that cute little cafe.

    Thanks for stopping by earlier.


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